Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th

Who thinks black cats are bad luck? Especially on friday the 13th?
Not us! All of us here at AMK have had such wonderful luck from all these black kitties.

Like Pywackie here, she is just a doll.
Chef getting ready to jump into his condo.

Looks more like he levitated up!

Pywackie chowing down.
I've really fallen in love with this kitty. She's so sweet once she warms up to you.

Oops, I interrupted Little Bit's bath. 

Sisters Mochi and Pickle enjoy hanging out together in their condo.

"What do you mean we're out of treats?!" ~ Smokey

Baby is such a pretty kitty and so soft too!

Popo was out and about this morning but now it's time for her nap.
Leo hanging out in his condo.

Sasha just came in earlier today but seems to have settled in just fine.

Marie's kitty, Shiloh, laying on all the nice clean bedding.

Purrcy getting cozy in his basket.

Loup getting some shut eye.

Who's little feet are those?


Scout took over another kitties condo

Cooper has the prettiest coat.

More black kitties bringing me good luck! 

Georgie perched up in his condo.

Hugo peeking out of his condo to check the place out.

Tenzing and Juneau hanging out together. 

Jack Black hiding behind the driftwood cat tree.
Annabelle is such a cutie.

Moe getting ready to play.

Marcel (left) and George (right) getting ready to cause trouble.

Tenzing is sooo handsome. I love his fluffy coat.

Prince looking around.

Frankie just wants to nap and nap and nap.

Little Jo wanting some attention =)

Prince is such a handsome kitty.

Kali is guarding the stairs.

Boo strutting around the office.

It's also a full moon today! There won't be another full moon that falls on a Friday the 13th until August of 2049.

I hope none of you are too superstitious!
Your blog host - Ellen

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