Friday, June 20, 2014

Just say Moe

OK, we will.


More of MOE

And sister Jo

Everyone is doing the adorable me flop, like Leo here.

And Clovis





And Pi

Or how about just adorable?

 Little Bit








Jackson.  Does your cat snore?  Jackson does.

 Downward cat Mia.

Milan's first visit and loving the outdoors.  AO is around here somewhere too.  I'll catch him in the next blog.

Foster and Kaia and new comers to All My Kitties.


  Mom emailed us and asked to see more photos of Popo.  Here you go.

 We're trying to lure her out of the basket.

 Well, that's a step.
Then all on her own she comes out for a drink from the fountain.  I guess all that playing made her thirsty.

  Happy Birthday Moe Howard of The Three Stooges.  You made us laugh just like the kitties do.

June 19th, 1897 - 1975

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