Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 18th

Ellen takes time out from her feeding and cleaning chores to love up the kitties, like Baby.

 She is very skillful in petting two kitties at the same time. 

 Pi and Boo.

 Popo has taken over my chair and she's not going to let me share one bit of it with her.  She growls at me when I try to nudge her to the side.  

 Black kitty bonanza with Boo and Pi.

 Little Bit always has a comment or two, or three.  She thinks she's the Queen of this castle.  

 Leo can be a bit bossy at times.  The office accommodations are pretty much his domain and he's not too keen on sharing it.

 Now this is a postcard photo of Scout.  What a doll.

 Brother Purssy is pretty photogenic too.

 Frankie is in her condo for the day.  She is happy no matter where she is.

 Peek-a-boo with Cooper.

 Costello loves to show off how handsome he is.

Summer showing off her scratching skills. 

Sharpen those claws girl.   

 Jo is so pretty.  I love how she always sits with her tail curled around her.

We'll ask you to write your own caption about this photo of Mia.

 Aussie is enjoying her new condo with a view out the window.

 Boo looks like an alien in his pod.

 Baby is very curious about this furry toy.

 New cat Clovis is feeling quite playful too.

It appears that Cooper and Annabelle are being very possessive about this water bowl.

 Moe is just hanging around enjoying the day.

 Prince is outside in a basket loving the fresh air and garden view.

 Vivian just arrived today and is not quite ready to leave her carrier yet.

 Clovis is exploring the cattery.

 Little Bit in her favorite window box veranda.

 Baby can be a picky eater, but not today.  She's chowing down.

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Your blog host - Marie

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