Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday, June 7th

 What a Beautiful Spring Day!

And look! Piwackie's come out to play!

 Skeeter and Scooter were both ready to hang out and play!

 Little Bit here spent the whole day running around the office and napping in the sun

Lawrence mainly stayed in, but woke right up whenever he got some attention!

 Oka, keeping it cool like she always does

 I'm pretty sure that Frankie here was outside ALL day

 Brother and sister Nyar and Yana were rolling and playing whenever I saw them!

And here's Cooper with her beautiful coat!

"Are you doing a blog!? Don't leave me out!"
Sherman, I would never

Minka here is as sweet and soft as she looks!

Kali has one of the most beautiful coats I've seen, she's like an awesome red Ocelot!

And here's Twyla, wishing you all more beautiful spring days!

Blog today by Miles, with help from Scooter (who was purring and licking my arm while I typed)

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