Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 15th, 2014

A Lazy, Rainy Sunday
Everyone here at All My Kitties was enjoying a nice slow sunday, almost everyone that is...

Sweet little Leo was making just as much havoc as usual

Little Bit is usually out on the window balconies, but today she just napped in her condo

Silly cat, I think Pywackie was hiding from the rain

Baby Had her usual post right on top of the condos!

What with everyone snuggled up today, I got some good sibling shots, with Mochi and Pickle hanging out together here

Popo did not mind the rain one bit, in fact she spent most of the day on the balcony!

Oh hi little Boo, what's up with you?

Marilyn is so sweet! She's just an entirely silly and affectionate cat

Here we have Jack Black keeping watch up top,
And Costello right below keeping an eye on the stairs

Scout and Purrcy aren't in the same condo, but if they were, I'm sure they'd cuddle together half the day

Little Kali, as Beautiful as ever 

Annabelle and Mo were hanging out on top of condo 1, but Mo never stays still if he has someone to play with

There he goes!

And here's Chief, master of mellow, as always

Abbot and Costello are adorable when they hang out together!

Hugo made sure to come out and meow at me some every time I passed by, I don't know if he wanted food or attention, but he ended up with both!

On the other hand, I think all Georgie wanted was to nap!

And Cooper just wanted to hang out

Loup, George and Marcel are usually all over the place, but they all stayed in a pack today! (you can't tell from the picture, but George here is right on top of Loup and Marcel)

Poor Mia was rolling around outside until it started raining, but she ran inside to curl up once it did

Prince here didn't mind the rain one bit

Linus was only here an afternoon, but he soaked up all the attention he could!

And Smokey? All Smokey ever does is play and play and play

Blog today by Miles, who really enjoys a slow weekend afternoon here and there, and hopes you do too!

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