Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lots of kitties means lots of photos!

Popo is out and about this morning. Here she is enjoying the view from the window veranda.

Baby is just the cutest. 

Doesn't she look so proud?

Molly taking a break from drinking her water to pose for the camera.

Arina fell asleep in her food tray!

Her sister, Lulu, finds the basket to be much more comfortable.

What's up there Leo?

Little Bit is SO excited for summer! Yay!

Pywackie found a nice little nook to hide in.

Purrrcy looks so handsome against the red tent.

Scout is soo content in his bed.

Isn't Vivian so pretty?

Look at that big ol' smile on William Wallace's face!

Aussie nice and cozy.

Abbott waiting (not so) patiently for someone to play with him.

Milan staying cool in his condo.

Mia sitting pretty.

Costello doesn't look to pleased that I woke him up from his nap.

Foster enjoying some time in his condo.

For once Moe didn't wake up as soon as I took his picture!!

A.O. posing like the gentleman he is.

Frankie staying cool in the shade.

Who's that?

Hmm... now there's little paws.

It's Annabelle!

Getting up and close with Annabelle.

I love that pink little nose.

Pancho Villa enjoying the sun.

Here comes Miles to give him some love.  I think Pancho's a happy camper.

So tired from all the attention!

Gorgeous little Jo. 

Prince lounging around.
Summer hanging out in one of the kitty cabins.

Look a like Kaia also likes to spend time in the outdoor cabins.

Guero keeping cool inside.

How gorgeous is Cooper?!

Happy Sunday everyone!
Your blog host - Ellen

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