Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24th

I MAY have gone a little overboard with the pictures today, but, if your cats weren't so gosh darn cute I wouldn't have such a hard time choosing pictures.
Pywackie came down from her post for a few minutes today!

Isn't Lily just gorgeous?

Her brother, Oscar, enjoying the window veranda.

Look at this fluffball! Kali's so pretty.

Pywackie being adorable.

What are you doing Py?

Vinnie doesn't wanna wake up from his nap.

Lily again.

Sistes Arina and Lulu are such dolls.

"High paw!"

Baby coming over for some attention.

She's such a sweet little girl.


Popo getting cozy on her plush blanket.

Little Bit running over for attention.

Mmm, yes... ear rubs!
How cute is Purrcy?

Scout snoozing away on top of the condo.

Annabelle taking it easy.

Vivian says it's playtime!

What a cutie!

All Aussie wants to do is nap.
Keri is such a gorgeous girl! 

Her sister Lollie is also pretty cute =)

I love William Wallace's orange coat.

Kaia found a nice perch outside to relax on.
I'm not sure is enjoying themselves more. Miles or Mia?

This is Pancho's favorite spot right now. 

Lucky enjoying this sunny day.

AO and Milan found the perfect spot for spending some quality sibling time.

What a cutie!!

Such an odd position though. Silly boy.

Milan enjoying the view.

Brotherly love =)

Summer has the most beautiful eyes.

Lucky all stretched out.

Frankie sitting pretty.

Prince attacking the Millennium Falcon.

Annabelle has moved herself into one of the kitty tents.

Whew! That's a lot of photos!

Your blog host - Ellen

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