Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 14th

We've got quite the full house with more kitties coming this weekend! Get ready for lots of pictures

Leo enjoying his carrier.

Cinnamon doesn't mind sharing the chair with a kitty basket.

Rocky, don't you look so handsome? I love your hat!

Baby came in this morning for a last minute stay. She seems to be settled in just fine already!

Frost looks so content.

Chubbs napping away.

I'm not sure why Kiki is using his bed as a pillow. Whatever floats your boat!

Aww how cute is Peanut?

Swiper fox poking her head out to say hello

Mitchell and Grizzy love being in their condo and napping all day.

Jackson was being so sweet with me earlier! He's such an affectionate kitty. 

I'm not sure if Mittens wanted her picture taken today.

Oh Kashi, what did you do to those poor paper towels! He's so proud of himself too.

Puss'N'Boots coming over to say hello

Badger loves being up high and watching over the kitties.

Oh Spike. He's such a darling kitty.

Sisters Lilly and Zoey are sooo pretty. I love both of their coats!

Moe was jumping up on his hind legs and rubbing against me earlier. It was SO cute!

Tana has been running around the cattery all day

Bombay and Maxwell.

These two boys are going home tonight! They are SO sweet and loving. I'm gonna miss Maddox and Maxwell.

Badger wants to remind everyone to be careful when going up the stairs! Especially on a rainy day like today.

I took so many pictures of Yana meowing! She had a lot to talk about.
Tiger also came in this morning and settled in just fine.

Linus loves the outdoor catio. He never wants to come inside.

Our other Tiger poking his head out of the kitty cabin.

Grace is another kitty that loves the outdoor catio.

Nyar prancing around for some attention.

Jo peeking down from one of the high up perches outside.

Little Bit was sleeping in the cabin but when she heard me she decided to come out and say hello
Puss posing by the garden 

Sushi looking down at all the other kitties.

Your blog host - Ellen

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