Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 5th

Swiper Fox and Rocky love hanging in the window veranda together.

Chubbs has decided to move to a different window veranda with a little more room.

Marshmallow enjoying some loving. =)

Mittens giving me one of her model poses.

Summer is such a sweetie.

These two are almost always together.



Spike is always down to hangout with me. He was following me around the room from condo top to condo top.

Grace, don't you look so pretty up there?

Hmm.. a suspicious arm... I wonder who that belongs to.

It's Francis!

Badger just loves to be outside.

Little Bit being a cutie!

Oscar in one of his favorite spots.

WOW says Sushi

What a pretty kitty

Minime coming over to say hello

This is only his second day here and he's warmed up so fast.

Indie! Don't stick your tongue out at me

Puss'N'Boots taking it easy

Jack Black has had a long tiring day of eating and sleeping. He's taking a well deserved nap now

Ozzie looks pretty comfortable up in this kitty house.

Oscar prancing around someone else's condo :)

Summer is seriously one of the cutest kitties!

Enjoy your day everyone!

Your blog host - Ellen

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