Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 23rd

Another Wacky Weekend!
We are still all kinds of busy here at All My Kitties, but when the afternoon heat kicks in, all the cats chill out
This is Harper and Pippen! They are a super-sweet pair of cats who have decided that the window slot is theirs now

I found Grizzy camouflaged in the cat-tent

Nadia has become super social, she has a very energetic side!

This isn't just the heat, Kiki is a master napper

So is CousCous, who just got in a few days ago but has already warmed up to everyone!

Mitchell is always fun to play around with

Baby is never far from her favorite ceiling-spot

Sweet little Kona, she spent all morning running around the office, now it's nap time!

Cinnamon is so affectionate! This guy loves getting attention

Mimi has the softest coat! What an elegant and pretty kitty

Caruso can be such a silly cat when he's in play mode

Oscar can be pretty silly too, but he's serious about getting his nap time

Alice is our vigilant condo-top watcher, keeping all the kitties safe

Ralphie is so sweet! he came out to say hi the second I came in with the camera

Spike came too, but he always has to see what's going on

We are so happy to have Bear back! He was pretty tired after his car ride, but I'm sure a nights rest will put him up-and-at-'em

Sorry Sushi, you were so adorable napping that I had to snap a picture

Tiger! This guy always has a lot to say when people are around

Haji, as graceful and handsome as can be

These two are Severus and Hekate! They're both on the shy side, but are just so sweet once they get some loving

Bombay loooves this scratch box

Another weekend blog by Miles, always happy to hang out with the cats and share them with all of you!

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