Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 21st

Nadia found a comfy chair to nap in

Baby just loves her kitty house. 

We moved CousCous to a bigger condo but he still prefers hanging out in his carrier.

Kiki doing what Kiki does best. 

Cute little Cinnamon.

Pepper is all over the place today!

Jackson is still in this chair leaving me maaayyybbee a quarter of the chair to sit in myself.

Grizzy enjoying some fresh air.

Frost is just so pretty. I love her coat.

And she's got an adorable personality too :)

Her handsome brother Marshmallow loves this circular bed

He's a sweetheart like his sister.

Mitchell soaking up all the lovin'

Mossimo found another kitties condo to hang out.

Sisters Alice and Eve are soo cute! They both come rushing over to me for some ear rubs

How precious is Oscar?

Checkers taking a break from running around the cattery

Haji has such a gorgeous coat!

Siblings Severus and Hekate both found nice places to nap 

Sushi and Spike like hanging out close (but not too close) together.
Scratch, scratch, scratch! That better not be fleas Bombay!

Bombay would like me to inform you all that he is indeed flea free!

Prince is back in his favorite spot in the cattio

Caruso roaming the outside

Little Bit always has something to say!

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