Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25th

Jack is helping Marie on the computer

While his sister, Mimi, snoozes away.

Kona has such beautiful green eyes.

Kiki moved out of his condo to nap in the window veranda.
Gabby stretched out in her condo

After many failed attempts to wake Couscous up, I decided to just let him sleep.

I still can't get over how cute Cinnamon is.

Grizzy is a sweetheart as well
Mitchell coming over to say hello

Look at those little toes! Ferby looks pretty cozy

I know Oscar is going home soon but he's so photogenic!

Caruso just hanging out

Alice just loves to hang out on top of her condo

Her sister Eve much prefers to stay inside her condo

Jessica posing at the top of the stairs

Mia sleeping the day away

Heckate is laying on top of her brother.

She is such a doll and loves attention

Jessica has claimed this cat toy as her throne

Baby kitten! This is Shirley taking a nap

Ranger just got here this morning and seems to be settled in just fine
Bear in super play mode


Checkers turned this carrier top into a cozy little cave.

Lopo just wants to be the center of attention

And so does Abbott.

Haji found a nice place to stay cool outside

Tiger Bird LOVES the outdoor catio

Sam staying cool in the shade

Frank in his favorite spot

Family photo! Samantha and Shirley are both around 5-6 months old. Making them the youngest kitties here at the moment. Older brother Ranger seems to be just fine with two little siblings.

Harper exploring another kitties condo

Couscous finally woke up from his nap! He's such a friendly kitty
Pippin has had a rough day of running around the office.

Happy Monday!
Your blog host - Ellen

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