Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 12th

Uh oh, some food fell on the ground! Thankfully Marshmallow and Frost are happy to help clean it up.

Here's Frost helping me groom! She's so considerate.

Frost and Chubbs making friends!

Marshmallow looks so happy to be out and about.
Mr Chubbs. =)

It's not the best picture but here we have Grizzy (left) Chubbs (right) and Marshmallow (front) all snuggled into one teeny window veranda together! All three of these kitties are from different homes as well.

Mitchell sitting in front of the window veranda. What a handsome black kitty!

Cinnamon is just the cutest little kitty ever.

Swiper Fox snuggled up with her Mom's t-shirt.
Peanut has moved himself to on top of the condos.

Grizzy nice and snug in her basket.

Mike is just too cute! Look at that sweet lil face.

Kashi is so proud of himself. He almost completely destroyed that roll of paper towels next to him.


Mittens always perks up the second I get out the camera.

Puss'N'Boots waiting for me to let him through the door. Sorry mister you're not allowed back there. We do have SOME rules around here, ya know!

Handsome Moe

and gorgeous Jo.

Sisters Lilly and Zoey love their condo. Aren't they beautiful?

Bombay is just all over the place today!

These two brothers are always together
(with Badger in the background)

Puss'N'Boots making friends with Moe.

Tana is so gorgeous napping away.

Sleepy sleepy Indie.

Nyar having fun outside.

She has a lot to tell me! So much has happened since I saw her last!

Grace snoozing away.

Handsome Minime enjoying the view of Marie's garden.

Yana being a cutie

Bombay is being so affectionate! It's hard to snap a good picture of him!

Little Bit taking it easy outside.

Adorable Maxwell
(again with Badger watching over)

TEEF! Look at those chompers!

Puss, what are you doing?

Leopold is  just too darn cute!

He's so gentle too. 

Puss finally found a nice place to settle down for a nap.


Badger came out from behind the window to talk to me. =)

Have a lovely day!
Your blog host - Ellen

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