Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 7th 2015

It's a full house at All My Kitties on a lovely Spring afternoon!

The Triumphant Chloe!

Hanna has been hogging the computer chair all afternoon.  

Misty loves being adored!  

She'll even let you touch her kitty belly!  

Yuki in the window box.  

Ultra-sweet kitty Ophelia loves having her face pet.

Doesn't she look like a little squirrel with her tail around her nose?  

Ophelia's gemini sister, Skeletor, is equally as sweet, but prefers high up places and flops when you talk to her.  

Chloe and Stanley hanging out together.  

Frankie likes to flop in the middle of the floor.  

Emma is a lap kittie!  

Stanley likes to hang out by the door where he can greet customers as they come in.  

Finley loves his blanket!  

Yana in her favorite spot again.  

And Nyar is in her favorite spot as well.  

Sweetest little Billy prefers the comfort of his own carrier and sometimes his buddy Charlie joins him for  cuddles.  
Charlie is a nice guy too and has been trying out new perches in their condo.  
Alice is a LION!

Hear her ROAR!!

Alice rolls for loves!  

Winston is the warmest little guy!

Jackson strikes a pose!

Suzy likes hanging out near the ceiling and all the warm lights.  

Ruthie loves being pet on the face (and anywhere else!)

Chloe has been following me around purring all afternoon.  

Finley enjoys the sunny day.  

Brawler would stay outside all night if we'd let him. 

Suzy in another high-up spot.  

Bailey Bob, where'd your body go??

And this is your man if you're looking for a cool cat window box for your home!  

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