Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 14th 2015

We are happy to see some familiar kitty faces and some new ones today at All My Kitties!

Yuki loves having her picture taken!

Finely is working on his tan today.  

Sam is wise and all-knowing.  

New guest Paige is all eyes!  

Penny just arrived with Paige and she's a cute one too!  

Chloe has been busy exploring the whole cattery.  

Marie's cat just got back from the groomers...

Doesn't see look glamorous?  

Cougar is a firecracker!  

Leo looks darling with his haircut.  

Chloe always appreciates a good chin pet.  

Cutest kitten Oscar is everywhere at once!

And Oscars new friend-for-life is a spry little thing as well.

What kind of face is that, Pixel??

Hana just got woken up from her nap.  

Rudy is soaking up some rays.  

Rosabelle is trying on her new harness and is taking it exceptionally well.  

Foster loves his heated cabin outside.  

McClane is such a nice guy!

Stanley's everybody's friend!  

Bailey's in her favorite spot.

Have a great day!

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