Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 21st

Ruben looks like he's doing the "Thriller" dance

Allison put this pillow here for the cats and Ruben has claimed it.

Catamaran hanging out with me by the desk

Kitty Crespo is such a cutie

He loooves his head rubs!

Yuki hanging out in her favorite spot

Jilly Bean peers down below.

and then flops around some

Marvin is loving the little window baskets

Hana loves to flop!

Zee is just the cutest!

And has so much to talk about!

Sampson loves to hang out in his condo

Little Samantha staying cool in the litter closet. 
She's just too cute!

Jaspers has such amazing golden eyes!

Mowgli just wants to stay in bed today

He pokes his head out to say hello, then it's straight back to napping.

Bubba found a cool place to escape the heat in

Our Frankie girl is back! She's such a great kitty guest =)

Sam just wants to spend his whole life outside!

Bath time for Pixel!

Your blog host - Ellen

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