Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11th 2015

Kitties are taking it nice and easy on this lovely overcast Seattle Monday...

Rosabelle could sit on this bench all afternoon and watch the birds fly by.  

This is Alice's spot--and no one elses!  

Such striking kitty features!  

Eve is just the sweetest, most floppy thing!  

Yuki hasn't left the computer chair in three days!  That reminds me of a certain little brother I know...

Pixel is quick to jump to attention whenever she see's a photo op.  

Black is being a love! 

Stanley is waiting for the sun to come out.  

Nyar and Yana are a match made in Heaven! 

There's nothing better than petting two kitties at once!

That Barret is one curious kitten!  

Her brother Oscar is just as precocious!  
We love your haircut, Finley!  

Chloe is struttin' her stuff!

Pretty miss Sadie is just as sweet as can be.  She loves that wicker basket!

Sam just got the lid pulled off of him in his kitty cabin outside.

Ruthie is a darling kitty.  

Yuki smiles for the camera.  

Her Sister, Hana is a coy one today.  

Thanks for looking! 

You're blog host,


P.S.  Popo is living the high life now!  She jumped up!  :)