Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 23rd 2015

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!  

Here's how all our favorite kitty friends are spending the weekend...

Mojo just bounced in for the weekend.  

Sam is such a friendly guy!

Luna and her buddy, Carl have set up camp in the main room of the cattery. 

Gemini twins Yuki and Hana are always close at hand.  

Kitty Crespo is hard at work this weekend watching the birds fly by.

Sadie thought she'd give the upstairs room a try this stay and she likes her new digs!  

Marvin always enjoys a good pet on the face.  

Ebony and Ivory, living in perfect harmony...

Jilly Bean is a peaceful kitty.  

Percy is only sweetness!  

Lili has a view from her window box.  

Jack and the Beanstalk! 

We're happy to see Josie join the crew for the holiday!  

Samson is like a hobbit in a hobbit hole in his favorite wicker basket.  

Luna is another new comer and she's setting in nicely.  

Sam couldn't be more relaxed.  

Marilyn is totally taken with her little bed.  

She looks like an egg curled up like this.  

Jessica brought her own seating this weekend.  

Pixel in her window spot.  

Mowgli loves to stretch and contort!  

Samantha is a sweet kitty.  

Bubba in his basket. 

Jimbo just arrived and still is enjoying the comfort of his carrier.  

Phil is spending the afternoon in the bookshelf.  

Mia is an elegant cat.  

Minka chortles at birds in the yard.  

We hope everyone has a great weekend!

Your blog hosts,


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