Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 9th

Yuki was kind enough to keep the chair warm for me

Misty was here to keep watch for customers

Popo just likes to nap

Hana is one of the ceiling-cat clan

Suzy is a sweetie!

Ruthie loves her ear scratches

Black is old enough to just relax

Eve is luxuriously spread out

Here's Miss Sadie

Kitten Oscar and his new little sister

Beret is so cute!

Roseabelle is cozied up in Pixels condo

Skeletor hanging out up high

Sorry to wake you up Carl!

Luna is a wonderful cat

Mr. Finley, nice and relaxed

Pixel is just pooped after playing all day

Jackson always gets his sun time

And Bailey Bob gets his scratch time

Sisters Nyar and Yana, in Mirrored poses

Chloe is hanging out in the sun

Brawler too!

Don't get sunburn Winston!

Alice is made of affection

Frankie and Casper are both a little camera shy, but we know they'll warm up

Blog today by Miles, hoping that spring is as beautiful for all of you as it is here

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