Saturday, May 2, 2015

May 2nd

Scud is helping with all the paperwork

Tiger and Ellen are the best of pals

Mia likes a window seat

That's what Ruthie thinks about me not petting her

Misty why are you such a cutie?

Mittens (above) and Chloe (below) could practically be sisters! They are both fluffy, friendly and silly cats!

Ralphie is just a shy little sweetheart!

A chaos of cats, with the patented Stanley Stare® coming through the middle

Tiger got some great downstairs time too!

Purr-C hung out below poking at the ceiling

It's so bright outside, but Frankie just wants to nap! Right there with ya girl

Nyar will happily inform her that sunshine and napping are not mutually exclusive

Jackson has the view

Yana has her perch

Luca has been being such a sweetie!

And who could forget about beautiful Bailey Bob!

Blog today by Miles, happy to see that summer has gotten well underway early this year!

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