Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 16th

We caught domino searching for her favorite treats!

Ruben is a snuggler!

Hana is constantly exploring

Paige has the sweetest face!

Catamaran is already super comfy!

Mr Smokey is back!

Yuki has her ceiling cove

Paige and Penny together!

Chloe is so sweet!

Handsome Sampson!

Marvelous Mr Rudy!

Fantastic Finley!

Kitty Crespo has just come in

It's adorable Simon!

Lubu just got in and he already wants to explore!

Pixel loping around the cattery

Another great pose from Roseabelle

Cougar, in his classic spot

Bailey in his

Sam, as handsome as ever

Foster, keepin cool on his perch

And Leo keeping my chair warm!

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