Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 26th

Fred (above) and Bennie (below) look like they could be related!


Percy looks so proud that he was able to sneak into Leo's carrier without him noticing.

Miss Jillybean in her favorite spot.

Sweets is checking out the camera. What cool eyes!

Leo in enjoying the squishy pillow

Zee has the coolest eyes! 

Josie doing what Josie does best. Napping and bathing! =)

He's such a silly boy
Luna was running around this morning but it's back to her condo for nap time!

Lubu just got here this morning and he's already right at home!
Gorgeous Samantha is just the sweetest little thing

Brothers Jaspers and Maki love hanging out together in their condo.

Frankie is enjoying the view of Marie's garden.
I caught Mojo sleeping like this

Once he woke up he started to roll around being adorable

Sam seems to be enjoying the lovely weather

Bubba would stay out here all day if we'd let him!

Jimbo ventured out and is taking in the gorgeous view!

Our other Sam seems displeased that I found his hiding spot!
(He's was actually pretty happy to see me)

Minka posing for me

Phil is such a cutie!

He loves his head rubs!

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