Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4th 2015


Suzy and Yoda practice using the Force on toy mice.

Misty and Chewbacca are writing a checklist for the Millennium Falcon.

Rosabelle thinks Jedi training is exhausting!

Nyar loved trying on this Yoda hat.  She's purring!

Rosabelle dabbles in the Dark Side with Darth Vadar and a Storm Trooper.

Jackson smells a Wookie.

Frankie and Yoda square off in a game of cat and mouse against the dark side!

Bailey Bob observes the Death March and is thoroughly unimpressed. 

Yoda asks Winston if he wants to become his disciple...  

But Winston would rather join the Dark Side!

Ruthie with Yoda and Chewie.

Scud and Yoda.  

Mia and Chewie. 

Skeletor and Chewie.

Chloe says, "Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi!"

Ophelia and Chewie.

Brawler and Chewie.  

Luca and a Storm Trooper. 

Vincent and Chewie.

Yana and Chewie. 

Yoda, is that you?

Happy Star Wars Day!

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P.S. Billy and Charlie are two snugglers who just arrived and weren't interested in any Wookies today.  

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