Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21st 2015

 Kitties are soaking up the last rays of Summer on this spectacular September afternoon!

Ralphie's got those pretty eyes!

Clovis loves his carrier!

Benci sunning himself in the window box.



Here's Emma again.  She likes it extra cushy!

Loki looks very regal in his basket.  


Johny Walker is starting to warm up to the place...

He's such a rolly-polly, friendly guy!

Penny pokes her head out of her cabin to see what all the commotion with the camera is about.  

Ralphie likes to hold hands!

New guests Bear and Magnus have really hit it off together!

Who's that cutest kitty?

Raphie again.  What a doll!  


Sam and his basket are inseparable.  


Millie is right at home the outdoors!

Minka is a luxurious little powder puff.  

You scratch that itch, Mowgli!


Annie only wants to be outside in the catio when she visits us!


And Pepper!

Gigi always finds her way outside at least once a day.  

Mitchel and Clovis handing out together on top of condos.  

Xinhau is a darling girl.  

Thanks for looking!

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