Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 27th

Tess being super cute!

Yuki curled up in a basket

Benci, laying his claim to the new computer chair

Johnnie Walker is such a sweetheart!

Ezma, curled up on the windowsill

Hana is a well-known ceiling cat

Mitchel being his wonderful, silly self

Cinnamon took over the wicker basket today

Bear, making fast friends with my arm

What a goofball!

What's up with you Roo?

The well-known Stanley Stare, put out for all to see

Xinhow has to make sure I smell right before I pet her

Annie enjoying the sun

Sam is in  his usual spot

Ralphie is such a lovebug!

Harriet loves our cat cabins

Magnus decided that my shoe is a toy

Archie is soaking up the sun!

Kisko says hello!

We always know where to find Cougar!

Chauncy is all curled up and cozy

India just got in, what a cutie!

Blog today by Miles, hoping you all have wonderful weekends and relaxing vacations!

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