Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 23, 2015

The bright sun and clear blue sky is shinning down on us on this gorgeous first of Autumn, and the cats are soaking it all up!

Benci, appropriately grooving to the soundtrack from "Cats"

Johnnie Walker is a babe.

As is Lily. Look at those marvelous colors!

Who is being a goofball above my head?

Mitchell, obviously!

Cinnamon is clearly not impressed by our attempts to entertain her. Oh well!

Bear is as soft as snow

Oh, Magnus. Your cuteness lights up our hearts


The snuggle is real.

Ralphie! Those eyes are memorizing!

"Woke up like this."- Minka

Xinhou creeps along as she sees me grab a toy

Snagged it!

Poke joins in!

The sun majestically beams down on Annie 

Jack Black! Taking the bed that Sam is attached to

Aww, there's Sam, who found another perfect spot 

Whos's in the house? Couger's in da house

Bear and her tail have entered the catio

Mowgli is quite the looker.

Our regular Gigi left today, but she'll be back soon!

Pepper snuck up on me!

His brother Dexter looks on
Emma pops up as I woke her

Love our little goofball Stanley!

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