Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8th, 2015

Desi has become quite the little office cat

Jo is gazing over at her brother, Moe

There's Moe!

Siblings Mitchell and Cinnamon are snoozin'

Phil arrived yesterday. He is such a precious, gentle little guy!

Cleo fascinatingly watches us clean

Beau, coming right in for some love

Josie in her favorite spot

Kisses from Poke

Luna is milking the love

Sookie is our little observer kitty

My Tanzig, you almost match this tent!

Mowgli, catching some ZZZ'Z's

Brody is nestled up in his favorite little house

Darling Petunia messages her head

Those eyes!

Nice tail, Xhinhou

Eliza has marked this spot as her favorite cat house

Bazbeau went home today, but we hope to see him again very soon!

Holder, taking a drink

Come play with us, Purr-C!

Petunia and Purr-C are memorized by the play toy

Poke got it!

Xinhou checks out the view

Purr-C is having an active morning, leaping from house to house

This is Charles, Marie's cat. He loves spending time with us on the catio with all the other friends!

Sorry to wake you, sweet Pippen!

Cocoa on the prowl 

I found Juneau being silly in an upside down basket!

Thanks again for taking a look! We hope we were able to get all of your cats this time.
Your blog host, Lindsay

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