Thursday, September 10, 2015

September 10th, 2015

Moe and Jo, cutest siblings ever!

Olive lurking about!

Snagging some snuggles from Ellen

Cleo appears to have taken over the position as our office assistant

Pablo peers out from the window, probably wondering why I've got a camera in his face

Sweet Tilly, looking very Sphynx-y

Cinnamon and Mitchell, in their usual spots

Desi really wants Allison to come back in the room

Look at the coat on Mary!

Isis's markings are very Bowie-esque!

Jack pokes out from a nap to check out the action

Looks like Beau wants some attention. What a lovebug

Thirsty little Cocoa

Frankie just arrived today, just look at her sweet little face

Gatana wonders why in the world I woke her up

My Holder, you are never in your condo!

Purr-C squints adorably into the sun

Lovely little Luna is so friendly 

I found Mia!

This shelf is the ultimate comfort for Tanzing

Juneau actively tries to pose for me

Siblings Ziggy and Marley arrived yesterday. Such precious boys!

More of Luna with Holder photo-bombing in the background


What a natural model.

Gotta admire the beauty that is Brody's orange and white coat

Charles hiding from the bright sun

Xinhou shows off that belly

Come out and play, Phil!

Thanks for looking, see you again soon!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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