Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1st

Can you believe it's September already?

Mo and Jo don't seem to care

Cute little peek a boo eye from Cinnamon.
Cinnamon's brother Mitchel is wide eyed for the camera.
Jack and Olive are so cozy together.

Diablo is always ready for some lovin'.

 Desi would rather just nap in his basket and ignore us.

Catamaran is out on the prowl looking for trouble.
Elvira finds home in her carrier but watching all the action.

 Kashi keeps returning everyday to the top of this condo.

Xinhou gives us a little wave.

Cocoa says, "You talkin' to me?"

Can you see Bear's little nose tucked away in his basket?

Millie waits on top of her condo for mealtime.  Any body's meal, anytime.  Even a crumb on the floor will do.  She's not picky.  It just better be soon!  

Such heavenly sweet bliss.

Harper looking Majestic.

Francis doing a head dangle.

Sasha is so sweet.

Tana rules!

Cougar loves the outdoors, rain or shine. 

Ellen takes a selfie with Holder.

Harper just hanging out.

Indy just LOVES this outdoor basket.

Max pretends he's in a forest of limbs.

Sambi is always inquisitive.

We had to lift the roof of the cat cabin to find Badger.

Bear could care less.

Another selfie with Holder.

After cattin' around Catamaran finds the desk drawer open and jumps in behind it.

Pretty cool place to hang out huh, until we try to shut the drawer. 


Ok, we know we missed a few kitties but we are learning how to use our new computer and discovered there is quite a learning curve.  It might take a full week for us to get back to normal with quality photos.  Please excuse us in the meantime and email at marie@allmykitties.com if you're pretty darn mad that we missed your kitty.  I will use my Iphone and email photos to you personally.  Thank you for your understanding.

Blog hosts Ellen and Marie


  1. So happy to see so many pictures of Catamaran! Thanks, Ellen.

  2. Thanks for the photo of Sasha! We look forward to the updates as we travel around the southwest.