Friday, September 4, 2015

September 4th

Beau loves his soft bed

Kashi has decided he loves the stairtop. He can always be found right here

Miss Aussie in her condo

Xinhou gives me an inquisitive look

Luna just wants lots and lots of attention.

Francis just hanging out

Badger peeks out from her napping spot.

Millie's new favorite spot is in this cozy green bed

Poke is such a cutie

Both our bengal boys are non stop action! Holder (above) was playing with my camera strap while Mowgli (below) was running all over the place

What a charming look from Purr-C

Sookie is settling into camp life quite nicely

Sambi shows off how tough he is as he sharpens his claws.
But really, Sambi is the sweetest thing ever!

Sasha, aren't you cold? It's freezing out!

Cougar doesn't mind the weather he's got a nice fluffy coat to keep him warm.

Petunia poses for the camera

Harper loves the outside catio!

Bazbeaux getting close and personal with the camera

Tana is ready to greet any customers that come by!

Sometimes you just gotta hug your feet, huh, Indie?
Desi loves to help out on the computer!

Nixie is Queen of the office and she knows it!

Cinnamon and Mitchell love their condo. I have their door open for them and they prefer to stay in bed. Ahh the life of a cat!

Same with Moe and Jo, they can come and go as they please but the sleepy kitties just wanna nap!

Catamaran wants to nap as well, but she found a nice towel outside of her condo to sleep on

Gorgeous Diablo makes her rounds in the office but mostly stays in her condo as well.

Rainy gives the camera a sleepy look.

Your blog host - Ellen

Sorry if I missed any of your kitties! We've got a full full house! Feel free to email and ask for updates! 

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  1. Sasha's favorite place is on our outside balcony, so it's no surprise that she likes the outdoors no matter the temp. We look forward to picking her up tomorrow morning!