Saturday, September 19, 2015

September 19

The weekends are still busy at All My Kitties, even in September.  Please excuse me that I am still experiencing learning difficulties with our new computer but I think I captured everyone's photos.  Enjoy.  

 Smokey looking dashing

 Clovis loving the top of a condo.

 Cinnamon taking a cat nap.

 Kimo and sister...

 Phoebe, who can't seem to not blink when the camera flashes.

 Clovis again.

 Phil is just a sweetie.

 Benci resting in his condo?  I can't believe he is not on my lap.

 Mitchell loves to frolic on top of the condos.

 I just love the markings on Gigi's nose.

 Bear is a new guest but seems quite comfortable.

 Millie is a long time guest and is always comfortable. 

 Mr. T. is watching for anyone who dare come through the cat door.

 Xinhou spending a quiet moment by herself.

 Mowgli just can't sit still.

 Pokie is the sweetest.

 Scooter and brother...
 Skeeter, share separate condos.  What's the problem boys?

 I think I woke Minka up.

 Six month old Magnus is a Rag Doll kitty.

Bear is a Rag Doll too.

 Emma enjoying the outside window veranda.

 Loki loves his medicine, NOT!

 Johnny Walker has been here a few days and is still a little shy.  Isn't he beautiful?

 Sam in his usual place at the cattery.  He just gets more and more comfortable every time he come. 

I looked all around for Penny and found her outside in one of the heated cat cabins so I took the roof off to take her photo.

I think she was quite surprised by the new opening.  

Well Hello Everyone!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Your blog host, Marie

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