Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 12th

Jubilee loves to hang out in his carrier

Jack and Olive keeping each other company in their carrier

Mr Pablo is such an outgoing guy!

Tilly peeking out to say Hello!

Cleo has decided she likes the condo tops in the office!

Desi says "Pet me!"

Mitchell rolling over being adorable

Cinnamon's taking it easy today

Mary poses for the camera

and her sister, Isis, squints at the flash

Phil is such a cutie!

Beau is one handsome kitty!

Marley loves the condo tops

Miss Mia in her perch.

Sweet little Gitana styaing in bed

Xinhou can't decide if she wants to be upstairs or downstairs

Downstairs it is!

Luna has the most expressive eyes!

Scooter gets up for some cuddles

Tenzing has the most gorgeous eyes

Holder staying cool in his condo

Ziggy, what's that leaf doing in your mouth?

Tenzing sure knows how to relax

Miss Frankie always wants to be outside

Petunia just wants to be where the people are!

Sam, Brody, and Purr-C all enjoying this nice summer like day.

Have a great weekend!
Your blog host - Ellen

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