Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 16th, 2015

Ellen has her lap full of love from Tilly and Benci!

Playtime for Xinhou

Scooter wants in on the action

Those crystal blue eyes on Juneau are just mesmerizing 

As are Sam's!

Mowgli and Mowgli compete for the toy!
Can't get enough of Sam's snuggles

Tanzing should really compete for the title of 'World"s most Epic Napper'

... with Brody as a close runner up!
Fun in the sun with Mowgli

Skeeter comes out to wander

Poke doesn't realize how astonishingly photogenic she is

Neither does Holder!

Just another afternoon for Desi, sorting paper work in the office

Emma's looking mighty comfy

I found Clovis lurking above my head!

Phil truly loves his bed

...As does Olive

Silly Tilly, hiding in someone else's carrier!

Mitchell high above. Everywhere you turn, there's another precious cat! 

Milking the love from Cinnamon

Do I smell like cat, Jack?

Telegraph, doing some morning yoga

That face.

And here's our sweet, scratchy Beau.
See you again very soon! 
Your blog host, Lindsay

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