Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September 20th, 2016

Suzy lays low 

Olive pops out for some affection

Casper in his king size bed

Mezzie is mighty precious

Vixen zones out on the the balcony 


Pepper looks pretty pooped out

Harriet shows off her dashing fur coat

Gus would rather nap than get his picture taken. Can't say I blame him!

Fluffy is always prepared to pose it up


Gurnsey is a gorgeous guy!

Stretch those limbs, Muffin!

What a looker

Archie has arrived again!


Sally snuck up on me!


Otis is absolutely adorable

Blanton is back again

Cougar indulges in some sun and yoga

Mad skills

There's our boy Basso!


Millie munches on leftovers

Bath time

Gurnsey & Fluffy are black and white beauties 

Party in the catio!

Have a lovely day!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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