Thursday, September 8, 2016

September 8th 2016

With Labor Day over, many guests stay on for one last Summer Hurrah! 

Millie meditates in the  catio

Pretty little Minka!

Casper is snug as a bug!

Nap time for Chief.

Hester refuses to open her eyes for the flash. 

Mr. Cat is on the move.

My what big furry paws you have, Cucumber!

An intense look from Beau.

Bits is such a cutie! 

Dash is very attached to her carrier from home. 

Frank is out and about this afternoon. 

Lots of yawns from Lopo.

Fluffy is a classic beauty.

I could just gaze into your eyes all day, Luna.

Brody is a proud specimen of cat! 

Yoda's a very friendly guy.

Fluffy again, looking radiant.

Mr. Cat is so handsome with his patches of white.



Ocho has a knowing look on his face. 

Purr-C's always ready for a good time!

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