Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 6th ,2016

Bits is a bit of a cutie!

Kiki has the perfect kitty eyeliner!

Chief keeps it chill

Minka is most snug!

Mr. Cat explores the office

Ollie was snoozing in the desk!

Cucumber is quite the cuddle bug

Mia Mosa in the window

Josie dreams away

Marilyn is marvelous!

Casper is so tucked in

Olive is adorable

Luna is one wide eyed girl!

Pippin poses nicely

Purr-C is pleasing on the eye

Rocky is such a little rascal!

Loving up Lopo!

Frank is a fine feline

Harper is a happy girl

Magic is on the move

Beau makes his bed

Hope everyone had a wonderful & relaxing Labor Day Weekend!

Your blog host, Lindsay

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