Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September 13th, 2016

Fluffy wanted us to be aware of her cuteness by striking some poses

"Surprise face!"

"Mischievous face"

Cucumber is happy to have this very large bed all to herself

Yoda is precious! 

Looking good, Millie!

Pepper tries to sneak some snacks!

Olive is an outstanding cuddler

Ian pops out from the window sill

What a sweet face!

Vixen doesn't need blankets with that luxurious coat!

Pepper is a sly looking guy

Casper's favorite activity is cuddling

Marley is too sleepy to keep his eyes open

Bits is a beauty

Dash is dashing!

Ziggy is looking proud and mighty

Sweet little Black!

Pangur is a vision to behold!

Brody lays atop his throne

Frank is so handsome!

Lopp is a loving little lad

Yoda shows off his good side

Fluffy refuses to quit being cute

Magic in his favorite hut

Ziggy isn't too into the camera right now

Little Bit is back!

Hope you're enjoying these lovely mid-September days!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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