Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 10th

Minka is the most gorgeous kitty!

Chief loves his carrier

Cucumber needs her ear rubs

Sweet Vixen is just a cutie!

Aww what cuddlebugs! I woke Olive and Casper up from their afternoon snooze together

What up Cucumber?

Garth is such a happy boy

Beau, you might have to sit up if you want a drink of water

Miss Bits hanging out

Purr-C has the cutest smile

I love your toes, Magic!

Brody looks so good in pink!

Yoda found a nice spot to nap in

Wayne hanging around

Fluffy loves being the center of attention

Dash contemplates making a run for it

Lopo enjoying the sun

Luna is always so curious

Our two beautiful Millie's (above and below)

Frank looks pretty comfy

Pangur loves his outdoor basket

Tony is a curious guy!

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