Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 18th, 2016

Smokey keeps my seat warm!

What eyes you have!

Suzy is snoozey

Pepper is perfectly perched on the little box


Creeping out

Welcome to the cattery, sweet Mezzie!

Ian helps me organize the desk

But mostly distracts me with his cuteness

Vixen is a vibrant little lady

So lovely

Casper, you under there?

Roo munches in leftovers

Josie is in dreamland

Little Bit wants dinner!

Muffin the most marvelous little man!


There you are, Nina!

Gus is a charmer

Little Bit still waits on dinner

Brody is feeling a bit camers shy



Millie is the prettiest girl

Your're a beautiful boy, Basso!

Fluffy fiddles with a wind chime

We love you!

Here comes Otis!

There;s our girl, Grace!

Have a lazy Sunday!

Your blog host, Lindsay

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