Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 27th, 2016

Leo is a new guest of ours. What a lovely lad!

Sibling Bo takes it nice and easy

Clovis makes day dreaming into an art

Siblings Loe & Kittles hang out together in the window!

Bocelli is bae

Sweet heart of a little lady!

Lily lounges luxuriously 

Hana wnats us to get her good side

Love your multicolored coat, Suki!

Brody is the best boy!


Magic takes comfort in high spaces

Is that you, Yuki? You blend in with the shelf!

Addie is one adorable girl. Check out that eyeliner!

Sadie is a little snooze ball

Misha, there you are!

Nixie nods off to dreamland

Harriet has much to say today


Mila has marvelous markings

Blanton is in the zone

Elfi loves the little houses

Harriet shows off her hiding skills

Otis flops for us!

Have a great warm, fall day!

Your blog host, Lindsay

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