Thursday, September 1, 2016

September 1st, 2016

Office Manager Gomez is hard at work!

His assistant Ollie is as competent as he is cute

Tiger is tuckered out

Mr. Cat is such a gentle guy

Mia Mosa enjoys observing the office shenanigans from above

Mimi sneaks in real close

Pablo is a pretty boy

Cucumber is a cuddle muffin!

Kiki's fur looks lovely next to the fabric

Gomez & Ollie chat about the day's work

Bits is barely awake!

Suzy gets snoozy

Roger & Junebug are the fluffiest & friendliest siblings!

Bocelli is a chatter box today

Chin rubs!

Two black kitties Ispie and Frank pair up as napping buddies for the day

Pippin is a perky little guy

Roger is too photogenic 

When in doubt, Missey can always be found in a hut

Millie looking marvelous

Mittens as well!

Harper loves her catio shelves

Lopo lyin' around

Get on a feline modeling contract, Roger!

Patches pops outside to explore


Magic is one fine feline


Aussie is back!


Marie's kitty Shilo manages to sneak into the office for a nap!

What a silly goose!

Happy first day of September!

Your blog host, Lindsay

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