Saturday, September 3, 2016

September 3rd

Gomez sleeping on the job

Jubilee likes to sleep next to his bed instead of in it..

Sweet Cucumber

Mimi is too tired to even look up at the camera

Pablo on the go!

Tiger the magnificent

Minka looks so pretty next to the red fabric

I couldn't even wake Kiki up to take his picture.  He's an expert napper for sure!

Chief catching some zzz's

Mia Mosa all curled up for her afternoon nap

Ollie found a nice little hiding spot. perfect to get away from all the other kitties

Junebug is such a cutie!

Pippin is such a cutie

Mr Bazbeaux is another kitty that prefers to sleep next to his bedding

I've never seen a kitty like Patches before! She's too cute

Casper made a fort 

Sweet Bocelli

Roger is giving somebody the stinkeye

Marilyn goes outside!

Rocky claimed his fav. spot

Oh hello Lopo!

Magic is magical


Harper loves the outside

Sleepy sleepy Frank

What a cutie!

Ispie hiding in the shadows

Olive cozy in her carrier

Missey is always in a basket of some sort

Handsome Beau

Aussie trying to get some shuteye

Josie just wants to nap the day away

Bits can barley keep her eye open.

SO many sleepy kitties on this rainy day.

Your blog host - Ellen

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