Friday, September 25, 2015

September 25th, 2015

Tess greets the camera

As soon as Mitchell sees a camera he strikes a pose!

Esme is such a cutie with those big wide eyes!

Miss Cinnamon always in her basket.

Sweet little Hana 

Yuki is our resident ghost kitty.

Benci is such a friendly guy! Always rubbing against our legs and greeting us as we come in the room.

Miss Johnny Walker is such a sweetheart! She loves her snuggle time

Maggie just came in this morning and is right at home in her basket.

Xinhou, Stanley, and Minka fighting over the "Ruler of the Stairs" title 

Josie is not a fan of the flash

Chauncey snuggling with his toy giraffe.

Roo loves his little ball tent

and he loves snuggle time!

Pepper and Dexter are such a cute pair. 

Archie enjoying his room with a view

Harriet sure is a beauty! Look at that coat!

Bear is one friendly guy!

Ralphie has been enjoying the catio so much this stay! He almost never wants to go to his condo anymore

Sam going for a quick little swim

Gotta enjoy the nice weather while it's still around

Annie loves her perch

Cougar! What a cool kitty

Kisko loves these outdoor heated beds

You show that toy who's boss, Magnus!

Minka has been loving the catio

Soaking up some love from Lindsay.

Stanley, what kinda face is that?
A cute one, that's for sure!

Have a nice weekend!
Your blog hosts - Ellen and Lindsay

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